Often known by my middle name “Rose”, I am a proud alumnus of The Dance Collective. Here is a little summary about who I am:

I started dancing when I was 3 years old and have never stopped. As per The Dance Collective syllabus, I am trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Lyrical. I have also studied forms of partner dancing, such as lindy-hop, and east coast & west coast swing. After graduating high school in 2017, I immediately flew over to Germany in order to participate in the summer session of Urban Dance Camp. While there, I studied hip hop, popping & locking, choreography, and jazz funk under internationally renowned choreographers (such as Koharu Sugawara from Japan and Lia Kim from South Korea). Shortly after, I entered the University of Massachusetts Amherst as a Business Administration and Arts Management Double major. I started a YouTube channel (link below), became the co-captain of our university’s hip hop club, and began to think of next steps. Since then, I have traveled to NYC and LA to participate in professional intensives and commercial dance classes ranging from Ballet and Modern, to Hip Hop and Breakdancing. I am excited to be back home for the next two months before I fly off to South Korea to study abroad for all of 2019!

Summer Camps