Why do I have to pay up front for a full semester?
Paying by the semester allows TDC to plan ahead for better use of class time and to save you money in the long run. We can plan classes by the semester instead of month to month. Knowing that everyone in the class this month was here last month allows your dancers to progress more steadily. Classes that start full will stay full and allow our prices to stay reasonable. Processing payments once a semester eliminates large amounts of paperwork, again allowing prices to remain reasonable.

Why can’t I get a refund part way through the semester?
When you sign your dancer up for class there are 2 commitments being made. TDC is committing to provide a certain number of classes of quality instruction to your dancer with a reserved spot in a class that has limited space. You are committing to pay for that service regardless of attendance. If for some reason your dancer is unable to complete the semester TDC has lost the opportunity to offer that reservation to someone else. To expect a refund would be similar to TDC canceling the rest of your classes, but keeping your payment. Semester schedules are provided for the entire semester in advance for your review.

What if my dancer and I are not ready to make an semester long commitment?
TDC offers Private Lessons. This is a great way to really get to know the instructors before you sign up for a semester. You will be amazed at the progress to be made in these one on one sessions.

Why does it seem at first glance that your prices are so much higher than other schools?
The price you see next to your child’s class is a straight out price. With the exception of gear (which can be done at many levels of cost), there are no other fees unless YOU choose to do more. The price includes a video, a tshirt, and any costume rental, etc. There is no other money that TDC will ask for. Your child will get the full experience at the price you see. Charging up front for all of these things allows me to do them less expensively, as I know exactly how many shows I need to hold to accomodate all of the students, DVDs to copy, tshirts to print. No leftovers means I do not have to charge extra to cover unsold items.

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