Sophie Friets Sings The Dance Collective’s Praises!

16111729_10154178677408314_1641164197_nI have had the privilege of taking photos for The Dance Collective for over two years now; including recitals, master classes, and other various events. My favorite thing to see when I am taking photos is someones love for what they are doing. This is exactly what i experience when i photograph the students and teacher at TDC. It is not only abundantly clear the talent that is shown through their dance, but their passion and love for this type of movement. This wonderful energy is created by a positive teaching environment that I get to witness first hand. With younger children, fostering a healthy relationship with movement and dance is so beneficial for both mental and physical health, and it is almost rare to see this type of instruction in this day and age. The teachers at TDC have created a truly marvelous world, that I never fail to enjoy. – Sophie Friets

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