Master Class and More

I shouldn’t say that we’ve had a favorite masterclass weekend…but… 💃🏽 this one was pretty epic 💫

I post a bit about my girls’ dancing and the extra classes they take, and I want to talk just a moment about @thedancecollectivenh

My girls have danced at a few studios throughout the last 14 years, but never ever ever has there been an experience or offering of what we have here.

There is no pressure, no drama, no push, no boxes, no negativity, no standardization.

The kids that dance here are here for one and only one reason: they love dancing 💜 Because of this and the positive teaching methods, every 👏 single 👏 one of them are as close as family. No one is ever left out, no matter how new you are to the studio…you’re welcomed as if you’ve just come home. Whatever challenges you have outside the studio will be met with love, acceptance and a smile when you walk in the door (or log into zoom 🙃).

The beauty and love doesn’t stop there. @allysondcpa creates unique and once in a lifetime opportunities….truly. She brings in the biggest names in all dance and performance styles to a small town in NH, creating an environment of culture and diversity we don’t have and exposing these kids to the potential they possess. Best parts aside from dancing?? These performers are psyched to be doing this!! And everything is offered at something we can afford 💵 She has literally removed economic barriers to opportunities 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 As a single mom of 4, I can’t tell you enough what this means.

This weekend was just one more example of the immense awesomeness that we’re part of. The photos here are the very end of a second day (3rd day for at least half the students pictured) of 6 straight hours of dancing harder than they’ve ever danced before with some of the biggest names in #broadway All of them beaming. Not one of them complained or asked to sit out or have a break. They kept at it through cramping and muscle fatigue with a smile on their faces eager for the next combo.

Why?? Because they LOVE dancing and they’re supported and challenged in just the right dose.

I’m full of so much #gratitude for what you’ve created, Ally ❤️

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