Everything You Need to Know About the Recital

All your crazy week/ recital information in one place! Please read this email in its entirety because all your questions should be answered. There is important information at the end.

Crazy Week Schedule

Here is the rehearsal schedule for the week before the show (May 27-31) Please arrive 15 minutes before you or your dancer begins rehearsal to warm up to limit risk of injuries and keep to our schedule.

Monday, May 27th
Rehearsal at the STUDIO

Green: 3:45-4:00
Blue: 4:00-4:30
Purple: 4:30-5:15
Pink: 5-5:45
Pink & Red: 5:45-6:15
Red: 6:15- 8 ish

Tuesday, May 28th
Rehearsal at the STUDIO

Early Start & Helpers: 3:30-3:45
Dancing Divas Wednesday & helpers: 3:45-4:00
Dancing Divas Saturday & helpers: 4:00-4:15
Ready to Go Tuesday & helpers: 4:15-4:30
Ready to Go Saturday & helpers: 4:30-4:45
Green: 4:45-5:00
Blue: 5:00-5:30
Purple: 5:30-6:30
Pink: 6:00-7:00
Pink and red: 7:00-7:30
Red: 7:30 to 8:30

Wednesday, May 29th
Full run of the show EXCEPT Early Start, Dancing Divas, Ready to Go, and Green

Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Charlie’s small group, Alumni, ALL Public Classes*: 4:00-7:00
Pink & Red: 7:00-7:30
Senior Solos**: 7:30-8
Red/ Alumni: 8:00-9:00 (ish)

*Public includes: Competition pieces, Partnering, All Hip Hop, Broadway, Public Tap, Public Contemporary, & Public Modern
** Senior Solos: Emma, Charlie, Amica, Ava

Thursday, May 30th: Dark (meaning no rehearsal)
The only exception will be if pink,  red, alumni or senior solos still need to clean their pieces.

Here is the dress rehearsal schedule for May 31st.

Everyone is asked to arrive 15 minutes before their call time with make up and hair completed. Please wear your base layers under all costumes, ie leotard tights etc. You will receive a detailed email that will talk about costuming, hair and makeup.

Act 1: This NOT the order of the show it is JUST the groups that need to be here from 4-6:30. If you are a parent of kiddos in Early Start, Dancing Divas, Ready to Go, or Green you are asked to stay for their dance and then you can leave! If your kiddo is in Early Start, Dancing Divas, or Ready To Go we will need one adult to stay and learn the procedure for dropping off your child before their dance as well as retrieving them.

  • Early start
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Contemporary
  • Charlies boys (Tuesday small group)
  • Red
  • Dancing divas (Wednesday)
  • Blue
  • Ready to Go (Tuesday)
  • Pink
  • Dancing divas (Saturday)
  • Hip hop (Friday)
  • Partnering
  • Ready To Go (Saturday)
  • Public tap

Act 2: This NOT the order of the show it is JUST the groups that need to be here from 6:45-9. If you are a parent of kiddos in blue they should be able to be picked up by 7:30 ish.

  • Hip hop (Wednesday)
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Alumni
  • Broadway
  • Public Modern

Please know we will try our best to stick to this schedule but please be patient with us.
Also, please remember this is at The Lebanon Opera House. To enter you will use the side door with the “welcome dancers” sign on it. This is a different door than used in the past. Please do NOT enter through the front of the Opera House.

Recital June 1st:

12:30: Pink, Red, Alumni
3:30: Blue, Purple, Public Classes, EXCEPT HIP HOP FRIDAY
4:00 All Dancing Divas, Ready To Go, Green, Hip Hop Friday classes and Charlie’s boys
4:40 Early Start
5:00 Showtime

**All early start, dancing divas, ready to go, green, blue, purple and public classes please come with your hair and make up done. Please remember to enter through the “dancer entrance”. For all dancing divas, ready to go, parents: after they get into costume please take them with you to wait for the front of house to open.  Remember they must wear a personal leotard UNDER their costume because their costumes will be removed after performing on stage.  After that is done they can enjoy the rest of the show from the audience. For early start: please have one parent stay with dancer backstage as the rest of your party goes to the front of the house. We will review this at the dress rehearsal at The Lebanon Opera House on May 31.


THERE IS NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY OF ANY KIND DRESS REHEARSAL OR SHOW DAY.  There is a professional photographer who will be taking headshots and action shots before the show as well as photographs of the entire show!   https://SepiaSisters.17hats.com/p#/scheduling/pgnpzschkvwzppwpkkkzkvtxxttcbktn

We will also be videotaping the show and it will be available for purchase raising money for the Barbara Weiner scholarship foundations.

Vintage and Bloom will be making beautiful bouquets for anyone interested in purchasing for their dancers. These are available for pre purchase and are limited quantity. Call Jennifer today 603-359-9842.

The dress rehearsal is EXTREMELY important for you and your dancer to get the swing of things for the big day on Saturday. It is a very different feeling with lights, a stage, the run of the show etc. We ask that with the exception of severe illness you ensure your child is there. For dancers in green, blue, purple, pink, red, alumni and all public classes if you are not at the dress rehearsal you can not be in the show. Thank you for your understanding.

For the recital please wear flip flops/crocs or water shoes for the bows at the end of the show. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THEIR SAFETY! Your kiddo will also be wearing their base layer. Thank you

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