Heather Parcells is Teaching 3 Master Classes!

We are so lucky to have Heather Parcells coming back. She will be teaching the following: Saturday the 24th 2:30 to 4:30 camera technique. Sunday the 25th 10 to 12 commercial dance and then 12:15 to 2:15 contemporary. The price of each of these classes is $50. See descriptions and Heather’s bio below!

 Ever wanted to be the next Progressive girl, or the spokesperson for Verizon? Maybe you just wanted to bite into a Whopper and get paid for it.. This on-camera Commercial technique class will teach you the basics of auditioning on camera for commercials, TV, and film. Students will work with commercial copy to learn how to nail that on-camera audition.
Do watch award shows on television and want to jump through your TV Screen and be a part the spectacle? Do you dance along with commercials for Gap and Old Navy? Do you love to cut lose and free style along to your favorite artist? Then commercial dance is for you. We live in a world where ”seeing dancers perform” is no longer just an evening out at the MET to watch ABT. Dance is all around us and informing our world. It is infusing our televisions, our tablets, our smartphones, our movies screens, and and even the digital ads along the street. Commercial dance is the high speed business of dance. Its world is constantly evolving. and is as intense and exciting as it is lucrative. Students will learn a commercial dance audition piece and about the business of dancing for television, film, and advertising.
Striving to express an emotional story through movement will be at the center of Heather’s contemporary class.. Why we speak no words, dancers must communicate their stories to make them as understandable and real to the audience as if they were experiencing the story with the dancer. With the basis in a percussive jazz influence, the class will learn a piece of Heather’s original choreography exploring the fight we have with our very “loud” minds.

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