Class Information

Early Start

Designed to introduce toddlers age 1.5-3.5 to tap, jazz and ballet with a balance of play using colors, animals, opposites and more. Plenty of activity with parent and teacher interaction for children to explore dancing in a fun environment.

Dancing Divas

Designed to introduce your 3-6 year old preschooler to tap, jazz and ballet with just the right balance of discipline and silliness. Class is taught with a relaxed atmosphere to gradually introduce your dancer to the expected behavior in a dance class.

Ready to Go

Designed to introduce your 6-10 year old to tap, jazz and ballet. Class is very structured and appropriate behavior is expected. Though class is very fun, students should not expect any playtime during the hour. Families should assume that their dancer will spend a minimum of two years in this class. Permission is required to participate in this class if you do not fit the age requirements and will only be granted to those that have mastered the age appropriate level first. New students should be in first grade or higher. Some first graders may prefer the Dancing Divas class.

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Dress Code Appropriate dance attire allows the instructors to see complete body movements and to assess technique and to correct accordingly. Having each age group of students distinguished by color can quickly remind instructors what age they are working with to provide appropriate instruction, while allowing us to keep students in class based on their …

Class Placement

How it works Initially, class placement for new students is determined by age. Children of similar ages tend to learn at similar rates and enjoy similar activities. Being in a class that you are too young for or that you do not have the experience for will frustrate you and take away from the other …

Class Make-Up

What if I miss a class? We do realize that emergencies and illness do happen and your dancer may have to miss a class. For this reason we do allow 1 missed class to be made up each semester. To do this there must be room in another class of appropriate level. If an appropriate …


Why do I have to pay up front for a full semester? Paying by the semester allows TDC to plan ahead for better use of class time and to save you money in the long run. We can plan classes by the semester instead of month to month. Knowing that everyone in the class this …

Studio Guidelines

No-Nos NO Gum in the studio, ever. NO Street shoes on the dance floor, ever. NO pictures or video during classes or the performances. NO Food or drink near the dance floor (except water). NO Unsupervised children in the waiting or observation areas. NO Children on the dance floor who are not enrolled in class. …

Weather Policy

TDC will rarely close due to weather. Just because your town’s school is cancelled does not mean we are closed. In the case TDC does close due to weather you will be contacted and a make up time will be made available.  We post to Facebook and send it to subscribers of our Yahoo list.

Summer Classes!