Lori Ahrens Saladino, Enfield - The Dance Collective

Lori Ahrens Saladino, Enfield

My nine year old daughter wanted to start taking dance classes. She took them for a bit when she was a toddler, but then moved on to other activities. When she expressed a new interest in dance, we checked out some of the local studios in the Upper Valley. We were immediately impressed by the environment at The Dance Collective. Dancers of all ages were engaged in many types of dance. They instructors were highly trained, and best of all – they were FUN! It was the perfect environment to get my daughter back in to dance. We were nervous at first: would my nine year old fit in with the other dancers who had been training for years? Almost immediately or worries were put to rest. Our family was warmly welcomed and our daughter was treated with patience and kindness. She immediately fell in love with dance – and The Dance Collective.

One of the things that impressed me was the mentorship of the older dancers with the younger ones. They often danced together and cheered each other on. That opportunity was very special to my daughter – and it was moving for me, as a parent, to watch.

The staff and other parents at The Dance Collective were always there when we had questions. Everyone was approachable and helpful. The end of session performance was a spectacular event – one that my daughter cherished being a part of. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime for her. She loved being part of a dance team – where the young dancers worked with the older ones – and together they collaborated and worked towards creating a performance that was second-to-none.

I highly recommend The Dance Collective. They have many different class options for all ability levels. The classes are fun and they are a great workout! My daughter never wanted to leave!

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