A Magical Place - The Dance Collective

A Magical Place

There is something so very special, and perhaps a little magical about The Dance Collective. Two years ago, we were new to the area and my daughter wanted to get back into dance. She was so very nervous about walking into a room full of experienced dancers that would, from previous experience, make her feel less than. She walked into her first day of dance and was met with smiling faces, supportive teachers, and positivity like she had never experienced with any dance (or theater) program before. She has met lifelong friends, has improved in all of her dance skills, has gained a great amount of confidence, and has had many opportunities to attend Master Classes, dancing with some of the most talented and well-known artists in the country. We thank The Dance Collective, and Ally for providing another “home” for our daughter…..a place to go where she will always feel welcome, appreciated, and lifted….quite the magical place.

— Kelli Guss

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